The Value of Your Time: Using Class IV Therapy Lasers to Maximize Efficiency

Your time is valuable – and providing your patients with the best care in the most efficient amount of time is a priority.  Class IV therapy lasers are a great resource to maximize the time you spend with your patients.

Class IV therapy laser equipment enables you to deliver more Joules to a larger area of target tissue in a shorter period of time:  ultimately resulting in positive, consistent, clinical results.  Higher power and the ability to deliver treatment in continuous wave give the clinician the flexibility to deliver the therapeutic dose of energy in less time than with other lower powered devices.

Class IV laser therapy is often able to provide pain-free relief to patients suffering from painful conditions.  Flexibility of treatment delivery gives the clinician the power to deliver therapy in either contact or non-contact mode to maximize results based on the presenting condition.

Provide your patients with a quick solution to their pain while maximizing the time you spend in the clinic with Class IV laser therapy.

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