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Our team of sales representatives are trained in laser therapy and available to assist you with any questions you have. Sales representatives help customers through discovery calls to determine your practice’s needs and goals. Our team also provides in-office demonstrations that allow customers to touch and personally feel the power of laser therapy.

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Purchase New


Purchase a new LightForce® laser and bring the best to your practice or training room. Experience first-in-class customer and clinical support from the leader in laser therapy.

Re-Certified & Pre-Owned

LightForce® lasers that have been used in the field and are available for purchase. Re-certified lasers undergo an extensive certification process and come with an extended warranty. Pre-owned laser are quality tested and confirmed to work to specification.



LightForce® offers extended warranties to protect your laser purchase. From the unit to the handpiece and accessories, extended warranties cover your device in and out. Through our extended warranties, LightForce® also offers a loaner program so you are never without a laser to use. To keep your laser at peak performance, LightForce offers yearly calibration and covers shipping costs with extended warranty.

Loyalty Upgrade Program

LightForce® strives to keep our customers current as laser technology advances. Providing investment protection through offering LightForce® customers options to trade up their existing lasers, the Loyalty Upgrade Program makes the latest technology always accessible.


For sales questions or to schedule a web or in-office demonstration, you can contact our sales team by filling out the form below or calling us directly.


US Office
Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm EST
Phone: 1-877-627-3858  |  Email: sales@lightforcemedical.com

UK Office
Phone: 01646-603878

China Office
Phone: +86 21 60781516  /  4009206118
LightForce® in Shanghai
Website: litecure.cn
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