Shoot For a Birdie, Not a Bogie—Use Class IV Laser for Golf Injuries

Photo for Golf Injuries Blog PostWhy do professional golfers like Padraig Harrington, Henrik Stenson, Francesco Molinari, and David Howell use Class IV therapy lasers? Because when they experience an injury they have to get back in the game – fast.

Epicondylitis is a common injury among golfers. Class IV laser therapy is an effective treatment option because of its ability to reduce pain and inflammation, which means it not only addresses the symptoms of the condition, but also the cause. Which laser is best to treat this common golf injury?

The recommended dose for epicondylitis (for a person of average build and medium skin tone) is 3600 J. The time required to achieve this dose depends on the power of the laser being used. So, for a laser operating at 10 watts, this dosage would take 6 minutes to deliver. However, for a laser that operates at 1 watt, this same dosage would take 1 hour to deliver.

Also take into consideration that treating areas other than the elbow, such as the wrist, forearm, and bicep help provide a more comprehensive treatment. This is where relevant treatment times come into play. If treatments are roughly 6 minutes each, this is easy to do, but when treatments are around an hour, treating multiple areas, or larger areas, is impractical.

Golfers, whether they’re professional or amateur, want to spend as much time on the course and as little time recovering from injuries as possible. Higher-powered lasers can help achieve amazing results in record times, and get golfers back out onto the green sooner.

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