Recovering in Record Time: From Fracture to Finishing in 5 Weeks – Part 2

Looking for a Quick Recovery

Contributed By Lesley Paterson

After an MRI confirmed a pelvic stress fracture, I realized that I would have to treat this injury with everything at my disposal to make it to the start line of the 2017 XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon World Championships.

Once I sustain an injury like this, so close to a major event, the primary goal is to get things healing as quickly as possible and to figure out what activities I can do that do not cause further pain.

By doing daily physiotherapy and using my laser once in the morning and then immediately after activity, I know I’m helping to prevent further damage from happening, but I’m also reducing inflammation and helping hasten the healing process.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) I had a family “training” vacation planned in Europe. While I could not continue with my daily physio treatments, my LightForce Laser was portable enough to carry on flights and travel with me all the way to Europe. For me, the mental relief that came from feeling proactive about my injury was worth its weight in gold.

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