LightForce Laser Treatment Heads

What are the applications for different laser treatment heads?

The following Exclusive LightForce Treatment Heads are available on all LightForce Therapy Lasers i-Series devices through the Empower and Empower IQ Delivery Systems.

Small Cone

Systems: 25W XPi, 15W FXi

When treating very narrow or precise areas the Small Cone is ideal due to its smaller spot size. Small spaces can be treated easily by moving the smaller beam back and forth in areas that are difficult to treat with our larger heads. Recommended for use on fingers and when treating conditions on the face where you want to avoid light reaching the eye. Designed to be used with low to moderate power.


Small Massage Ball

Systems: 40W XLi, 25W XPi, 15W FXi

When on contact treatment is needed in tight spaces, the Small Massage Ball is often the choice clinicians go to. Designed to be used with low to moderate power, it is ideal for treating on-contact around the face or around the digits of the feet and hands. Great for use over trigger points due to its ability to provide warmth and pressure to sore areas.


Flat Window

Systems: 40W XLi, 25W XPi, 15W FXi

Our original treatment head has tons of versatility. Designed to be used for off-contact treatments around most areas of the body. Great for treating superficial tissues with small to moderate surface areas, especially in the presence of boney prominences. Due to its compact spot size it is also an option when treating cervical pathology that requires treating around the hair line. Should be used with low to moderate power settings.


Large Massage Ball

Systems: 40W XLi, 25W XPi, 15W FXi

The patented Massage Ball is our most commonly used on-contact head. It helps clinicians achieve consistent results when treating deeper tissues due to its ability to maximize the delivery of light from your laser. The Massage Ball reduces light scatter on the surface while allowing physical compression of tissue. Paired with higher power settings, it is the ideal tool to address problems in the back, hips, and larger muscle groups. While effective, patients also love it due to its ability to couple soothing warmth with compressive massage over sore areas. This head can be used for all power settings and is ideal for treating deeper tissues with high power.


Large Cone

Systems: 40W XLi, 25W XPi, 15W FXi

The Large Cone is designed for off-contact treatments that require higher power settings. Super versatile, it should be the go to head selection for most conditions where off contact treatment is desired up to 25 Watts. Ideal for treating larger areas or when deeper tissues need to be addressed. Not recommended for treatment around the face or over smaller areas due to its larger spot size.


XL Cone

System: 40W XLi

The XL Cone was created for our 40 Watt XLi to allow users to confidently treat multiple conditions with our highest powered platform. Coupled with our patented Smart Hand Piece, the XL Cone has the unique ability to keep high power treatment comfortable for most patients. With a spot size that is twice the size of our Large Cone, it allows clinicians to safely treat large areas and deeper conditions at over 25 Watts of power. Ideal for use over the trunk, hips, and large extremities, it can be used with any power setting, but shines above 25 Watts.


Rolling Pin

System: 40W XLi

LightForce created the Rolling Pin to allow large areas to be treated with the new 40W XLi with a one of a kind, on-contact head that makes treatments simple. Coupled with the Smart Hand Piece, the Rolling Pin applies a wide elliptical spot to deep tissues that allows large, flat areas of tissue to be covered in a few passes of the handpiece. It is analogous to painting a wall with a roller vs. a brush. Ideal when treating the back, hip, and long extremities with higher power.

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