Cold Weather Worsening Arthritic Pain? Laser Therapy May Be The Answer

It’s the season for sweaters and hot chocolate – and unfortunately for some, worsening of pain associated with arthritis.  Many of those who suffer from chronic arthritis pain report worsening arthritis symptoms in the colder months of the year.  If you are one of the many experiencing a spike in pain without a solution, class IV laser therapy can provide answers.

Class IV laser therapy treatments are fast (typically lasting 5 – 7 minutes) and effective at relieving pain associated with many chronic conditions – including arthritis.  The soothing warmth that comes with treatments offers in many cases an almost immediate relief of symptoms.  Typically after 4 treatments you will notice significant improvement.

Many treat their arthritic symptoms by taking harsh prescription drugs – some of which have serious side effects.  Laser therapy can be used to effectively manage your condition (without side effects) and often enables patients to reduce or eliminate their intake of drugs to manage pain.

If you are looking for a new solution to seasonal aches and pains check us out on the web to learn more about our products and/or to find a LightForce® Therapy Laser provider in your area.

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