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A High-Level Overview and Q&A Discussion on Laser Therapy



Watch Time: 55 mins.

New to laser therapy? Need a refresher? We've got the webinar for you!

In this NEW on-demand webinar co-hosted by The Ortho Eval Pal Podcast Show and Chattanooga® LightForce®, Paul Marquis, PT interviews Director of Clinical Education for Enovis™ Recovery Sciences, Dr. Mark Callanen, PT, DPT, OCS. Paul and Mark discuss the basics of laser therapy, including the following topics: 

✅ Photobiomodulation & How It Works

✅ Tissue Dosing

✅ How High Power Devices Differ from Low Power Devices

✅ Insurance reimbursement and so much more!

Who is this webinar for? This webinar is perfect for those with little to no background in laser therapy who are looking to learn more about the modality and potentially incorporate it into their practice.

What if I already own or utilize LightForce® laser therapy in my practice? We're so glad to hear you own or are utilizing LightForce® laser therapy in your practice. Depending on who administers laser therapy treatments in your practice, this could be a great refresher. This discussion may be even more beneficial for those you know who are curious about the modality, or those who have no knowledge or experience with laser therapy.